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Fitness Model

A professional who models athletic equipment, clothing, products, and services for photo shoots, videos, and live events. He works with top brands like Pyramid Continental Hotel -Juba, South Sudan

An Influencer

Chris Nevi has built a reputation as a model and has inspired a lot of African Youths especially South Sudanese to join the industry. His influence is seen through his rising social media followers as thousands follow him daily. He has featured in many TV Shows and Celebrity Interviews


Chris Nevi has announced the coming of ART 211, a venture to support Music and Fashion in South Sudan and F.A.M.E Luxury Fashion Brand for stylish Dress-code and Comfort.


About Me

My name is Christopher Nhail, a South Sudan boy. I grew up as a poor boy from an extremely humble family. I have seen bad days, or probably worse.

I am still struggling to hustle my way into my dream life. I have committed a few mistakes here and there. But despite the odds, I have never lost direction because I want to be a better person than I was yesterday. That in my view, is the only way to grow.

 I am asking my fellow youth to beat the odds and work hard. What is happening in our country is an experience that must teach all of us to stick together and push ourselves forward, not pulling ourselves down from the ladder of success.

Fashion Is Art, Talent & Identity

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Chris Nevi

South Sudanese Supermodel

I am available for corporate work. Connect with me via e-mail and social media

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